Massage and your body

Have you ever wondered what massage can do for you?

Lets take the mystery away and point out the benefits of massage for you, inside and out.


In today’s busy, 24/7 world, there is stress in just about every routine we have, whether it be at home, in the office, or driving between the two. Our nervous system gets a workout everyday without us even noticing. A relaxing massage can give relief to our nervous system and decrease the effects of tension on the body. However, if you are feeling lethargic with low levels of energy then a firm, deep massage can stimulate your energy levels and activate your body’s endorphins. 


Massage promotes relaxation, lengthening the muscles, and reducing muscular tension that can cause headaches and migraines. Massage also allows muscles to be more flexible by reducing muscle tone. Muscles tired from exercise, have the ability to restore themselves faster with massage than by rest alone.


Gentle, deep massage stimulates the lymphatic system allowing your body to begin to clean out the build-up of waste products it has accumulated, via the blood stream and kidneys.


Massage, of course, also helps to decrease your stress levels, which in turn can boost your immune system and increase your circulation. The increased blood flow will help poor circulation in the body and promote improved blood flow.


And lastly, our skeletal system is also affected indirectly through massage. When circulation is increased bringing oxygen and nutrients to our bones via our blood, joint stiffness and pain can be reduced, while muscles become more flexible and mobility increases.

Pampering Parties
Corporate massage service

Holding onto too much tension? Feeling tight, sore or stiff when sitting at your desk?


Let us help by giving you and your colleagues a ten-minute massage, working on the neck, back, and shoulders.


Massage helps decrease tension, relieves stress symptoms, and increases productivity in the work place. Just when you think the pampering is over, we will serve you a delectable, freshly made cupcake to have on your coffee break too.



Indulge in the ultimate experience of being pampered, with friends and family in the comfort of your own home or holiday accommodation. For six guests we offer thirty-minute massages and a selection of gourmet, homemade treats such as passionfruit cheesecake squares, smoked salmon paté, rice paper rolls and freshly made Devonshire scones. For parties of seven or more, we offer fifteen-minute seated massages with relaxing music, essential oils burning and the same selection of delectable gourment treats made fresh by our chef.


To book go to our 'Book Online' tab, and enter the number of guests you wish to book. 


Please note this service requires a minimum of three hours per therapist.


Therapies offered
  • Remedial Massage

  • Sports & Sports Lymph Drainage Massage

  • Corporate, Seated Massage

  • ​Relaxational Massage

  • Myofascial Release

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Pregnancy massage

  • Pamper Parties